1. Start Up Consulting
    Starting a new business can be fun and exciting. It can also be overwhelming and time consuming; and no one should go at it alone. Decisions made during the initial start up phase of your journey will impact you for years to come. We can help with questions you are asking yourself, such as: *How should I structure my company? *What accounting software should I use? *How do I set up payroll for my employees? *What expenses are tax deductible? We will help set up your accounting structure to build efficiencies in the beginning minimizing potential for errors along the way. Wether you are looking for full service outsourced accounting or consulting services when you need them, inviting us to walk beside you from the beginning ensures that you have a trusted advisor with you every step of the way.
  2. Full Service Accounting
    Our full service accounting solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your growing business every step of the way. We provide full service back office support to handle your accounting needs so that you don't have to sweat the small stuff. We utilize cloud based software which can be accessed by you from where ever you find yourself doing business. Invoice a customer on the spot, collect payment in real time, view your current financial results with investors or bankers. All of your accounting up to date and accessible. Added CFO support from an experienced partner means you have an advisor to help you understand the financial results of your business, interpret the reports you receive from your accounting solution, discuss business challenges and weigh in on decisions that will impact your future. Contact us to discuss your needs, big or small, so that we can form a team to get you on the path to success!
  3. Business Consulting
    If you are facing a challenge and need on the fly guidance from an experienced professional we are there for you. Over the course of running a business we come upon speed bumps or even road blocks. In these times the path of least resistance is to bring in a professional with experience to get us over the speed bump or to help find a clear path around the road block. These could be general questions regarding tax implications, debt restructuring, accounting for mergers and acquisitions, strategic capital improvements, budgeting and forecasting. Even if we aren't the answer to your challenge, chances are one of our networking contacts is and we would be happy to introduce you to them.
  4. Reimbursement Services
    Let us be your goto reimbursement team. Medicare cost reports are due 150 days after the organization's fiscal year end and no extensions are provided by CMS. Medicaid cost reports are due based on your individual state requirements. Compliance filing requirements are important, but also if analyzed and reviewed properly, cost reports can provide essential insight into the health of your own organization. Don't give up revenue and profits that you earned through the great care you provide your patients and clients, we are here to support you with our reimbursement expertise. -FQHC/RHC -Hospice -Home Health Agency -Skilled Nursing Facility -CORF -Hospital (PPS, Critical Access) -Home Office
  5. Benchmark Reporting
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are crucial to every business and its management team for ongoing decisions. We provide market and competitor comparative data important to your business such as: -Statistical Analysis -Profitability -Capital Stability -Cash Flows -Efficiency We can tailor other ratios and benchmarking necessary for guiding your business. Benchmark reporting is provided in correlation with our cost report preparation services and are able to provide real-time financial monitoring through our full-service accounting solutions.
  6. Traditional CPA Services
    We all have to pay our taxes. And sometimes our creditors, debtors, grantors, and governance require more assurance than a set of financial statements handed to them from management or the owner of the company. We can help with those traditional CPA services such as: *Individual tax return preparation *Corporate/Partnership tax return preparation *Personal financial statements *Compiled financial statements *Audited or reviewed financial statements You get partner level, national firm experience with a friendly, small firm approach. Our goal is to reduce the burden on you and provide a timely accurate product.